GoReact and Google SSO

GoReact has the ability, if you choose to use it, to connect a new or existing account to Google and take advantage of their single sign-on authenticator, or Google SSO. Please review the following article for specific instructions on using Google SSO with a new or existing GoReact account.

Are you an existing GoReact user or new user?

Please Note

Google SSO is only available for goreact.com users, so if you're using an LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), then you will need to log in there.

GoReact and Google SSO

  1. After logging into GoReact, click on your name on the top right, and then "Account Settings".
  2. From there, you will see an option at the bottom of the page to "Link Google log in", click that!

    account settings w google.png

  3. You will see a modal appear that will require you enter your current password, and then you'll be brought to the Google Sign in screen to connect your account.


Note: The above video is just a screen recording and does not have sound.

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