Adjusting Your GoReact Tool Installation

Instructors Please Note

Depending on your roles inside of your LMS, you may need to have your LMS Administrator make this change.

If you reside in the EU

Please make sure if you reside in the EU that you use the .eu domain, not .com.

GoReact will be deprecating our old LTI tool installation URL (, and requiring users to start launching with a unique key/secret.

To provide more security, faster load times, and help prepare us for our acceptance of LTI 1.3 payloads you will need to update your GoReact Launch URL to, and update your key/secret as soon as possible.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to update the GoReact Launch URL to our common Learning Management Systems. As always, if you encounter any issues, please submit a ticket to our support team at

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Updating your GoReact tool installation in Canvas

Please Note

We recommend installing our tool at an organization level instead of a course level. To ensure you're following best practices, please review our Administrator setup of GoReact in Canvas guide.
  1. Through your "Admin" panel in Canvas, navigate to your "App Configurations", click the "gear" icon to the right of your GoReact tool, and then click "Edit".

    Edit Tool - Canvas.png

  2. From there, update the "Launch URL" to and click "Submit".

From here, you'll need to go into existing GoReact assignments, edit them, and then update the External Tool link to ensure that you're pointing to the proper URL.

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