Free Templates Library Collection

After investigating common trends among disciplines, GoReact has created a Library Collection with pre-built library items, specific to multiple common use-cases in GoReact for you to access and use at your convenience.

Accessing the GoReact Templates Library Collection

To open the GoReact Templates Library Collection, click the library button at the bottom left:


Select the "Free Templates" collection, and you will then see all of the folders, specific to multiple common GoReact use-cases listed out.


On the left sidebar, you can filter between content types (Media, Rubrics, Markers, Documents, and Assignments) to see what is available and if it will be useful for your specific use-case in GoReact.

Please note

The items in this collection cannot be edited, but you can make your own copy by clicking on the ellipses icon next to the item you wish to copy and then select "copy".

If you wish to hide the Free Templates Collection, just select the gear icon on the top left to "Manage Collections", and then uncheck "GoReact Templates" in your list.

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