Creating and Managing Library Content

Creating Library Content

The GoReact Library includes Media (videos), Marker Sets, Rubrics, Documents, and Assignment Templates.

To create content in the Library:

  1. Open the Library
  2. Select the Content Type at the left that you would like to create.
  3. Click the "+[Content Type]" button at the bottom. What this button says will change, depending on what content type you have selected on the left, as seen in the image below.


Important Information on Content Types

Our Help Center has additional guides that go into more detail about creating each type of content in GoReact:


Managing Content

To further organize your content, you can add folders within your collections by clicking the +Folder button at the bottom of the main Library Panel.

Managing Individual Library Items
Any item you've added to your library can be previewed, edited, copied, deleted, or moved from one folder to another, or one collection to another. To do so, click on the ellipses next to each item and select the desired action.


You sometimes cannot Move content that you do not own. If you are unable to Move a Library item, try copying it instead.

You can also use the Multi-select option at the top right to copy, move, or remove multiple items at a time.  Simply turn the Multi-select toggle on at the top right and check the box next to the items in question, then click the ellipses and choose the desired action.



Related info

For step-by-step guides about all of the functions of our Library, see the Library section of our Help Center.

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