Adding a Rubric to an Existing Activity

Please Note

Before completing a rubric, you will need to create a rubric and add it to the activity.

Please Note

You can only switch to a rubric if no videos in the activity have been graded.

Activities are not set up automatically with a rubric, so you will need to place one for each new activity you make.

How To Add a Rubric After an Activity Is Created

Sometimes you may notice your rubric missing when you go to score an activity. Typically, this means the rubric wasn't placed in the activity settings when the activity was made. This guide will help you add a rubric after the activity was created.

    1. Next to your Activity name, click the ellipses icon.
    2. Click "Edit".

      new edit activity.png

    3. Locate the "Scoring & Evaluation" section (under "Feedback Settings", and change the drop-down to "Instructor Rubric".

      new instructor rubric.png

    4. Select the rubric you wish to use from your library.
    5. From there, you'll be taken back to the "Edit Activity" panel where you can click "Save & Close"

For instructions on using a rubric, please follow this guide: Using a Rubric.

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