Using GoReact for Interpreting Classes

GoReact for Interpreting

GoReact has four different activity types that can each be used in creative ways to meet the needs of an Interpreting class. This document gives some best practice examples of how a couple of those activity types, as well as a few features, that can be used in an Interpreting classroom. 


The Stimulus activity type was built for interpreting classes. The teacher uploads a stimulus video and the student records along side it interpreting as they go. The student can pause, scrub, and play the stimulus video with all events captured in the recording and shown on playback. 

Example Assignments: Interpretation practice, Baseline Interpretations. 

Comment Only

Many interpreting teachers use the Comment Only activity type as a way for students to GLOSS or transcribe a stimulus media. In this activity type the teacher uploads a stimulus media and the students leave time coded feedback on it. 

Example Assignments: Glossing, Transcribing. 

Student Rubrics

Many teachers use self evaluation when it comes to reviewing interpreted videos. GoReact has the ability to add a student rubric so students can evaluate their own interpretations, or those of their peers, using a structured rubric. 

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