Using GoReact for Teacher Education

GoReact for Teacher Education

GoReact has four different activity types that can each be used in creative ways to meet the needs of a Teacher Education class. This document gives some best practice examples of how a couple of those activity types that can be used in Teacher Education. 

Live Event

In many teacher education programs observations of the candidate teaching in their classroom are required. With the Live Event activity type, observations can happen from anywhere! The candidate can set up a camera and the observer can watch a live stream of the classroom while simultaneously providing real-time feedback timestamped into the live stream recording. 

Example Assignments: Classroom Observations, Method Demonstration. 

Comment Only

The Comment Only activity type is great for providing potential teachers the opportunity to discuss teaching methods. The instructor can upload a stimulus video of a classroom portraying the teaching method under study. Then the candidates can discuss the method in the comment panel of GoReact.

Example Assignments: Teaching method analysis. 

Peer Critique

Peer Critique is a great option for teacher education classes. Every teacher knows the importance of a strong community of fellow teachers to share and build ideas with. This community can start in the program with the use of Peer Critique. Allowing peers to provide feedback on each other's teaching style will help not only improve their peer's teaching, but their own teaching as well. 

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