Teacher education programs use GoReact for no-hassle skills assessment.  From early benchmarking to student teaching practicum to certification, GoReact allows educators to capture video of students for feedback, grading, and critique of their skills.  Instructors have found that it is important to improve classroom observation techniques to ensure evaluators are consistently identifying high-quality teaching practices and also identifying areas for improvement.

Teacher ed programs are flocking to use GoReact. Why? Because it’s the easiest way for student teaching interns to get in-classroom feedback.

GoReact has four activity types that can be used in creative ways to meet the needs of a Teacher Education course. This guide gives some best practice examples of how each activity type can be used in Teacher Education.

Example activity types:

Self-Submit activities allow participants to record their own videos and submit them for feedback.  This is the most common Activity type used.

As part of teacher certification, teacher candidates frequently submit video recordings of themselves at work in a real classroom as part of a portfolio that is scored by highly trained educators.  Using GoReact can help prepare candidates for this certification process.

Example activities: Classroom observations, student teaching evaluation, disposition assessment, coaching

Example activity settings:

  • Rubrics - A structured evaluation that can include a set of standard certification criteria.
  • Markers - Re-usable color-coded labels that can be used to mark-up videos.  (i.e. eye contact, classroom management, student engagement, active listening, vocal filler)
  • Peer Critique - Allow other students to evaluate each other.  They can also complete a peer evaluation rubric!
  • Mobile App - The easiest way for students to record and upload their videos from a classroom!
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