Using GoReact for Communication Classes

GoReact for Communication

GoReact has four different activity types that can each be used in creative ways to meet the needs of a Communication class. This document gives some best practice examples of how a couple of those activity types, as well as a few features, that can be used to teach Communication. 


This activity type is the regular "student submits a video and the teacher provides feedback" kind of activity. In communication classes, we see it used for speeches recorded on the students' own time. The video can either be recorded directly in GoReact or recorded on a separate device and uploaded to GoReact.  

Example Assignments: Introduction Speeches and Practice Speeches. 

Live Event

The Live Event activity type is the type used most often in communication classes. This type allows for the instructor and/or peers to watch a recording live and provide real-time feedback! We have seen it utilized in online courses to allow students to stream their speech live to their class from the comfort of their own home.

Most often it is used for in-class presentations. The Live Event activity type has the option for the teacher to Create All Videos for the students. This way when presentation day comes along the teacher is the only one that needs a recording computer. The teacher can press Record on the student's already created session and record them live in class. 

Example Assignments: In-class speeches, Live-stream speeches, Speeches that require real-time feedback.

Slide Sync

Slide Sync is a feature used frequently in communication classes. It provides students the ability to upload a PowerPoint presentation, via a PDF, and record their speech alongside it. For more information on Slide Sync see our documentation here: Slide Sync.

Student Rubrics

Many teachers use self or peer evaluation when it comes to reviewing speeches. GoReact has the ability to add a student rubric so students can evaluate their own speeches or those of their peers using a structured rubric. 

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