Communication/public speaking courses use GoReact for no-hassle skills assessment. GoReact allows educators to capture video of student speeches/presentations for feedback, grading, and critique of their skills.   Public speaking courses have always been the bread and butter of GoReact. Business schools, communication programs, and many other professions require students to have awesome presentation skills.

GoReact has four activity types that can be used in creative ways to meet the needs of a communication/public speaking course. This guide gives some best practice examples of how each activity type can be used.

Example activity types:

Self-Submit activities allow participants to record their own videos and submit them for feedback.

This activity type is generally used for at-home/remote presentations or simply for practice speeches.

Example activities: Introduction speech, Persuasive speech

Example activity settings:

  • Slide Sync - Slide Sync allows students the ability to upload a PowerPoint presentation and record their speech side-by-side.
  • Markers - Re-usable color-coded labels that can be used to mark-up videos.  (i.e. eye contact, vocal filler, body language, shifting, voice inflection, good gesture, smooth transition)
  • Peer Critique - Allow other students to evaluate each other.  They can also complete a peer evaluation rubric!
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