Using GoReact to teach ASL

Using GoReact to teach ASL

GoReact has four different activity types and even more uses! This document gives some best practice examples of how GoReact can be used to teach American Sign Language. 


In American Sign Language courses we see the Self-Submit activity type used most often. The Self-Submit activity type allows students to record or upload a video of them self signing. Teachers assign a variety of things to be singed in these videos, from classic stories like Timber to simple student introductions. 

Example Assignments: Gum story, Timber story. 

Stimulus (Conversational Assignments)

Another really awesome use of GoReact to teach American Sign Language is use of the Stimulus activity type. This activity type allows the instructor to upload a stimulus video that asks questions for the student to answer. The student will record themself while pausing the stimulus video to answer the questions. Both the stimulus video and the student's video will be played back to the teacher for grading. 

Example Assignments: Conversations, Assignment that requires questions and answers. 

Peer Critique

The use of Peer Critique is a great way to have your students interact in sign language. They can leave video comments on each others introduction videos (or any video for that matter) welcoming each other to the course or introducing them self back all in Sign Language!

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