American Sign Language instructors have been huge fans of GoReact since the first year we entered the market. Both teaching the language and training new ASL interpreters are much easier and more effective when you have a reliable video tool.

ASL instructors love that GoReact can record all their feedback and grading in ASL. Because our feedback can be posted in video format, it’s possible to teach in a 100% ASL environment, even for an online class.

GoReact has four activity types that can be used in creative ways to meet the needs of an ASL course. This guide gives some best practice examples of how each activity type can be used.

Example activity types:

The Self-Submit activity type allows students to record or upload a video of them self-signing. Teachers assign a variety of things to be signed in these videos, from classic stories like Timber to simple student introductions.

Example Assignments: Gum story, Timber story

Example activity settings:

  • Rubrics - A structured evaluation that can include a set of standard linguistic or certification criteria.
  • Markers - Re-usable color-coded labels that can be used to mark-up videos.  (i.e. classifiers, fingerspelling)
  • Peer Critique - Allow other students to evaluate each other.  They can also complete a peer evaluation rubric!
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