How to set up a GoReact activity in Blackboard

Once the GoReact app has been set up in Blackboard by your Blackboard administrator you will be able to add GoReact activities by following these directions:

Note: Courses must be set up before creating activities

Also Note: If you want to see what the students see, turn off Edit Mode and contact GoReact Support to credit your Preview User account. When you turn it back on, Make sure to NOT delete the user that was created that way, you will always have a paid "student" user to preview GoReact with. 

A. From your course’s homepage click on "Content" in the main navigation pane on the left. (If you don’t see "Content" listed, click the "Quick Enroll" button first.)
B. Click "Tools" from the top navigation bar.
C. Select "GoReact" from the drop-down menu.


D. Enter the name of your activity.
E. Set "Enable Evaluation" to "Yes."
F. Enter the "Points Possible."
G. Click "Submit."


PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent security updates in Chrome, you may need to check "Load This Tool In A New Tab" when managing your LTI placement in order for Adobe Flash to work properly for anyone using the Chrome browser.  Blackboard is working on an update for this issue, but in the meantime, if this option is not checked, the Chrome browser cannot be used with your GoReact assignments.

What's next?

In order for your students to see this activity, there's one final step.  Click into the activity itself and select the activity type, filling in any instructions or feedback options as needed.  When you're finished, click "Done" and you're all set!  Your activity setup is complete and your students can now see the assignment.  For more on GoReact activities see Activity Set up.