Administrator setup of GoReact in Blackboard

Initial admin setup

This section explains how to add the GoReact tool to a Blackboard platform. The Blackboard administrator will need to do the initial installation and then instructors (or the admin) will be able to add assignments after that. Please follow these instructions to get the tool installed on your Blackboard platform:

A. Click the "System Admin" tab.
B. Under the Building Blocks section, select "Building Blocks."
C. Click "LTI Tool Providers."
D. Select "Register Provider Domain."


E. Enter: as the "Provider Domain."
F. Choose "Set Globally" as the "Default Configuration."
G. Enter your email address as the "Tool Provider Key."
H. Enter goreact (lowercase) as the "Tool Provider Secret."


I. Under "Send User Data" make sure "Send user data over any connection" is selected.
J. Under "User Fields to Send" make sure all boxes are checked.
K. Click "Submit."



L. Open the drop down menu next to the newly added domain and choose "Manage Placements."
M. Click "Create Placement."


N. Enter GoReact as the "Label."
O. Enter GoReact as the "Handle."
P. Select "Content Type," set it to "Tools," and check the "Placement allows Grading" box.
Q. Upload the GoReact icon, if desired.



R. Enter as the "Tool Provider URL."
S. Click "Submit."


PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent security updates in Chrome, you may need to check "Load This Tool In A New Tab" when managing your LTI placement in order for Adobe Flash to work properly for anyone using the Chrome browser.  Blackboard is working on an update for this issue, but in the meantime, if this option is not checked, the Chrome browser cannot be used with your GoReact assignments.

What next?

The tool is now installed! If you have not already allowed grades from provider tools to be sent to Grade Center, please see Admin setup for posting grades in Grade Center

Otherwise, you are ready to set up your first GoReact activity it Blackboard. To do this, please see How to set up a GoReact activity in Blackboard