Getting started for D2L/Brightspace students

All of the help documentation that you see under Student Documentation still applies to the GoReact app in D2L. The only thing that is different is where you log in.

Important Note

If your instructor is using D2L, then you cannot access your course directly at Instead, all you need to do is log into your D2L account, open your course, and then click on the assignment that uses GoReact.

Paying for GoReact

The first time you click on a GoReact assignment in D2L, you will be prompted to enter your payment information or access code. You will pay right through D2L and will not need to go to for anything! We made it nice and easy.

Note: If your school is paying for GoReact then this step will be skipped


Creating a video

After you pay for GoReact and accept the Terms of Use, you will see the GoReact dashboard, where you can submit your videos.  To access any of your future GoReact assignments, you will just open each assignment in D2L.  For more information on creating videos see Recording and uploading. If you want more information on different GoReact activities, see Activity types and settings.