Slide Sync™

Slide Sync allows you to add PDF slides to your assignment in GoReact. You can set the timing for each slide transition and rearrange slides as needed. (See below for how to convert your slides to PDF.)

Please note that Slide Sync is only available for Presenter Self-Record and Live Record activities and must be enabled by your instructor in the activity settings before you can add a slide deck.

Watch a short video:  



Review more in-depth information on Adding a Slice Deck to a Video in GoReact: 


Converting slides to PDF

First, export your slides as a PDF file:

To convert your PowerPoint slides to PDF, please see Microsoft's guide here.

To convert your Keynote slides to PDF, please see Apple's guide here.

Google Slides
To convert your Google Slides to PDF, click File > Download as and select PDF. Then select Save.

Adding slides while recording your presentation 

Adding slides and transitions as you record your presentation: 

  1. Click the red "Add Video" button.
  2. Under Slide Deck, click +PDF Slides and choose your file, then click "Start".
  3. Once the file has finished uploading and processing, click "Record".

Setting the timing of your slides:

  1. Click "Got it!" on the recording instructions, "Got it!" Over the Slide Sync explanation, and "Begin" to start your recording.
  2. During your presentation, click the arrow buttonsA on either side of your slide deck preview on the left, whenever you want a transition to occur. You can also click on the "Previous" and "Next"B previews below the main PDF display. Timings are automatically saved as you go.
  3. When you're finished, click "End" to stop your recording, then "Exit" to post your video. 

Deleting your slide deck:

  1. You can delete your slide deck from the playback window by enabling "Edit Slide Timings"C and clicking "Delete Slide Deck."D



Adding your slides after recording or uploading

If you have already recorded and/or uploaded your video to GoReact you can add your slides to your submission in two ways:

  1. Enter the playback screen for your video.  
  2. At the top of the video panel, click the "Add Slide Deck" button slide_deck.png.E
  3. Click "Choose a PDF file," browse to your file and click "Open."  
  4. Click "Start" to upload your file.
  5. Once the upload is complete, you can add your slide transitions. (See "Set the timing of your slides" below.)


  1. Select your video on the dashboard and open the Edit menu by clicking the three dots on the right and selecting Edit.  
  2. Click the "Add PDF Slides" button and "Choose a PDF file."  
  3. Browse to your file, select it, and click "Open." 
  4. Click "Start" to upload your file. 
  5. Once the upload is complete, click "Save".

Set the timing of your slides:

  1. Enter the playback screen for your video.
  2. Above your recording, click the toggle next to "Edit Slide Timings."C
  3. As your video plays, click the arrow keys to add transitions as needed. Each will be automatically saved as you go.
  4. Click "Done" at the bottom right when you are finished.

Deleting your slide deck:

  1. You can delete your slide deck from the playback window by enabling "Edit Slide Timings"and clicking "Delete Slide Deck," or by selecting your video in the dashboard, clicking Edit from the Edit menu on the right (three vertical dots), and clicking the red "X" on the PDF preview.

Changing your slides or their timing

To adjust the timing or change the order of your slides you can edit them from the playback screen.

Changing slides

  1. Enter the playback screen for your video.
  2. Click the "Edit Slide Timings"C toggle (red indicates you are in edit mode).
  3. Select a slide entry from the right and click the Edit New_Edit_button_transp_small.png icon.
  4. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the slide that you wish to use at this point.
  5. Click the green check mark  to Save.

Changing slide time codes

  1. To change the timing of your slide, click the Edit New_Edit_button_transp_small.png icon and then click on the time code to the left of the slide entry.F
  2. Drag the slider or click the "+" or "-" buttons until you reach the desired time. 
  3. Click the green check mark save_check.png to save your changes.