Posting to a Stimulus or Comment Only Activity type

Stimulus Video Response

Stimulus Comment Only


Posting to a Stimulus type activity

When your teacher assigns a Stimulus activity it means you will be watching, or listening to, a stimulus media and recording along side it. You will select the activity on the left and click "Add Video". When the recording screen loads, it will have the Stimulus Media on the left, with the normal Record window on the right for your response.


When you are ready to record, click "Begin." Two things will happen at the same time:

  1. The Stimulus Media begins to play.
  2. The Response Video begins recording.

If this is a simultaneous/continuous type of response Activity (an interpreting activity for example), just continue the recording and click "End" when your response is completed.

If this is a consecutive/conversational type of response Activity (an interview or question and answer), you can pause the Stimulus Media any time a response is required (just click on that media window), then play the Stimulus Media again when you are ready.

In some instances your teacher may allow you to choose your own stimulus. In these situations, you will click "Add Video" and then there will be a window that allows you to title your video and add other Presenters. On the lower left of this window, click Add Media and then choose whether to record, upload, or link your stimulus from YouTube.


NOTE: In all cases, the Response video will record continuously unless paused by the user (if you click "End" on a Test activity, your video will post). GoReact will track the activity on the Stimulus (pause, rewind, and play) during the Response recording.

IMPORTANT: Participants should use headphones when recording a Stimulus Media response (unless the Stimulus Media has no audio). This will prevent viewers from hearing the Stimulus echo in the background of the Response recording.


Posting to a Stimulus Comment Only type activity

When your teacher assigns a Stimulus Comment Only activity it means you will be commenting on a stimulus of their choosing. To enter this activity type you do not need to press "Add Video". Instead click on the activity on the left and click the red Start Activity button on the middle of your screen.


For this activity type you will be commenting about the stimulus media using the feedback panel on the right. You can leave text, video, audio, or YouTube comments. For more on how to add comments see How to critique my own video or my peer's video.