Supported video and audio formats

GoReact accepts video uploads in the following file types:

MP4 / M4V    MPEG 4 format
MP2 / MPG  MPEG 2 format
MTS  MPEG Transport Stream
WMV  Windows Media video
MOV  QuickTime Movie
AVI  Digital video
H.264  Misc. H.264 formats
FLV  Adobe Flash Video
3GP  Mobile video format
VP6  Another Flash format


GoReact accepts audio uploads in the following file types:

MP3 MPEG 3 format
WMA Windows Media audio
M4A / AAC AAC format


GoReact accepts Closed Caption files in the following file types:

VTT Web video text track
SRT SubRip text


When adding an attachment to your video, GoReact generally accepts all file types except executables (.exe, .msi, etc.). 

Note that video formats can vary and can include different audio formats within the same file type, so not every variation is guaranteed to work. Our success rate is better than 95%, however, so we'll give it our best shot!

If your format does not work, or if your file is too large for your account limits, please see Converting or Compressing a Video for details on how to re-save your video in an acceptable size/format.  This will often correct any issues due to variations in file formats as well.

For more information about Closed Captioning and Audio Definition file support in GoReact, please see our guide here.