Getting started guide for students

Setting up your GoReact account is super easy, but it's important to know whether your course is on or if it's in an LMS like Canvas, Blackoard, D2L, etc. 

Follow the steps below if your course is on  If you course is accessed through an LMS you will need to go back to the Student Support Home Page and click the corresponding LMS icon to see the instructions that apply to you. 


Watch a short video:  

 video-camera-small.png   Creating an Account in GoReact


Review more in-depth information on getting started with GoReact: 

New to GoReact
Returning Student
Using a Join link


New to GoReact? 

Getting started with GoReact has never been easier! (Already have an account?  See "Returning Students" below.)

1. Click on "Sign Up" at the top right.


2. Select Student Participant.


3. Enter your information, accept the Terms of Use, and click "Submit."


4. Choose your school, instructor, and course title, then click Go!


5. Enter your payment information or access code and click "Submit."

That's it!  Your account has been created and you are now registered for this course in GoReact.

 Returning students 

1. If you are a returning student, click the "Login" button at the top right.

2. Enter your existing account information.

3. You'll be taken straight to the dashboard where you'll open the course dropdown menu on the upper left (arrow next to the selected course name) and click the Course Registration button on the bottom of the course list.




4. Select the school or organization you belong to as well as the the instructor and course you are registering for in each of the drop-downs. Then click Register.


5. The course will be added to your dashboard (if you don't see it, do a quick refresh on your browser and make sure Current Courses is selected from the course dropdown menu). If your organization is paying for the course, you're all set! If you need to enter a code or purchase your own access for this course, select the course from the course dropdown list and click on the "Pay or Enter Code" button.

6. Enter your payment information or access code and click "Submit."


That's it! Your GoReact registration is complete and you can begin recording.


Using a join link

If your instructor sends you a join link to register for their course, all you need to do is click on the link and you will be brought to a screen to log in or create your account. 

Note: Join links can only be used ONCE for ONE course.



If you already have an account

Enter your credentials on the left and you will be registered for your course.

If you do not already have an account

Click the "Get My Account" button on the right and enter your information. Once your information is entered click "Submit" and you will be registered!

If the course requires payment

You will need to click the red "Pay or Enter Code" button in the middle of your dashboard to submit your payment information. 


Now what?

Once you are paid and registered in your course you can click on an activity on the left to submit your video. For more on activities see Activity types and settings.

If you accidently registered and paid for the wrong course, see Transferring registration.