How do I upload a video to GoReact?

Watch a short video:  

 video-camera-small.png   Uploading a Video to GoReact


Review more in-depth information on uploading a video to GoReact: 

Record the video
Select an activity
Click "Upload" on your dashboard
Complete the upload
Important note



1. Record the video

Record your video on any recording device (camcorder, mobile device, etc.) in a standard video format (.mpg, .mov, .mp4, etc.).  See our complete list of Supported formats for more information.  Files can be up to 2GB or 90 minutes in length, maximum.  

Note: You'll want to record in standard definition (480p resolution) if possible, so you don't create an unnecessarily large file to upload.  If your device doesn't allow you to set it as low as 480p or SD set it to the lowest resolution available.  See our Video recording checklist for details, and for tips on best practices when recording.

If you recorded using a non-connected device (such as a camcorder), transfer your video to your computer.


2. Select an activity

Select the activity you wish this video to belong to in the lower left panel of the dashboard. 


3. Click "Add Video" on your GoReact dashboard

Open your GoReact dashboard on a browser (computer or mobile), open the correct activity on the left, and click the Add Video button in the middle of your dashboard. From here you can add a title to your video and add or remove presenters. Once you title your video (optional), click "Upload" and then select your video by clicking the "Choose a File" button or link your video from YouTube.  See our Supported Video Formats guide for more information on allowable file types.



4. Complete the upload.

Once selected, your video will now upload. This may take some time, depending on your video file size and your internet connection speed. After it uploads, you will see it processing (may also take a few minutes) Make sure to press "Save".  Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation that your upload was successful.



If you are receiving an error on your upload, the error will tell you if the file was too big or if it failed to process due to an unsupported format. See our list of Supported formats as well as Converting/Compressing a video for more information if you need to re-save your video in an acceptable size/format.

If you are getting a message that says "Shucks! Check your computer's time...," it is most likely because your computer's time is not set according to your current location. To check this, navigate to your computer's clock settings and make sure they are set to automatically set your Time ZoneTime, and change for daylight savings

If your file consistently fails but is a supported format within the file size limit and you've checked the time settings as indicated above, it is likely failing due to a poor internet connection.  GoReact requires a minimum, consistent upload speed of 0.5Mbps (this is separate from your download speed). For devices that support Flash, you can check your upload speed by going to and clicking the "Begin Test" button. When the test completes, your upload speed will be shown in the top right corner of the test results. If your indicated speed is less than 0.5Mbps you will most likely be unable to upload your file and will need to try again on a different network or internet connection.