User permission levels

User permission levels in GoReact

Here are the permission levels available to GoReact users:

  • Owner: Owner of the account or course. All administrative rights.
  • Admin: All administrative rights, including billing and inviting other admins and instructors.
  • Instructor: Administrative rights within a course.  Can manage users, activities, and videos, and can view and critique all videos in their courses. (NOTE: If an instructor is invited into another instructor's account, they can also create and manage all content and users within the account.)
  • Reviewer: View, critique, and evaluate all videos in the group.  Cannot be a Presenter and cannot record or manage videos.
  • Presenter: Record, upload, view their own videos, and can provide peer feedback or view others' videos when specifically permitted for an Activity.
  • NOTE: For information on how to invite these roles into your course see Inviting Users to Your Course.