Getting started guide for instructors

Getting set up with GoReact takes 15 minutes or less. If you are using the GoReact tool in your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) you will need to go back to the Instructor support home page and click the corresponding LMS icon to see set up documents for that LMS. Let's get going!

Create your course
Create activities
Invite users


Create your course(s)

On the top-left hand side of your dashboard click the course name (“Demo Course” if you're a first-time user).  From the drop down menu click “Create Course”.



Enter a course name and set the start and end dates for your course. (Please note: The course payment method will default to Student Pay. If your organization will be paying for student access, you'll need to call us at (801)717-3499, option 5, to set up a site license agreement.) Finally, click the red "Create Course" button to finish the process.


> More on creating courses



 Create activities

An activity is a way to group recordings and set permissions or rubrics for specific assignments (for example, “Group Presentation,” "Video Quiz 1" or “Sales Demo”).

Click the "New Activity" button at the lower left side of the dashboard and enter a name and optional date(s) for the Activity. The "Available Date" will keep the activity from being visible to students until the date you have selected. The "Due Date" will cause late submissions to be displayed in red on your dashboard for easy identification. You can also enter the number points this activity will be worth (these will be overwritten if a rubric is added).

Choose the type of activity you would like to create.  Check the "Test" box if you would like this to take on exam rules (one submission with a possible time limit). If you want to set a time limit for the test, enter the number of minutes in the "Minutes" field. Then click "Create Activity."


Now you can:

    • Enter typed recording and/or feedback instructions
    • Add video recording and/or feedback instructions
    • Add stimulus media or other resources as applicable to your activity type
    • Specify what types of feedback you'd like to allow for this activity
    • Add Markers or Rubrics
    • Note: The "Stimulus/Prompt" option only shows for Stimulus activity types


> More on setting up Activity options...



 Invite users (students & instructors)

Inviting users manually is no longer required—students can now sign up and join your course directly from by clicking the "Course Registration" button. (Skip to Creating Activities if you do not need to manually invite users.)  

If you wish to manually invite users to your course open the course drop down on the upper left, open the course options menu by clicking the thee dots to the right of the course name, and select Manage Users.



Once the Manage Users page opens from the right, click Invite Users on the upper right. You will have two options for inviting users to your course:

    • Group Join Link: Send or post a "join link" which all of your student presenters can use to register. (Email the link to your students for example.) This link is unique and specific to EACH COURSE in GoReact (even different sections of the same course will have their own join links), so be sure to email or post the correct join link for each course.
    • Send Individual Invites: Here you can send individual email invitations by entering each address (comma delimited) for those you wish to add to your course. Note that each batch of invites must be for one specific role type, selected on the right. In other words, select "Presenter" as the role and only enter student email addresses when sending out invitations to your students. To invite instructors, select "Instructor" as the role and fill in the email address for any instructors you wish to invite, and so on.


When recipients click the link you've sent or posted, they’ll be directed to register and will be automatically assigned to your course in GoReact.

NOTE: If it's a student-pay course, students will also be prompted to pay (or enter their access code) at the time of registration.

> More on inviting users...


Now you're ready to begin recording! See the rest of our GoReact Instructor Documentation for more information on creating activities and critiquing videos.