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How do I set up a course?

Recording time

Payment options

Can I copy activities from a previous course?

How can I set up courses for other instructors? 


How do I set up a course?

On the top-left hand side of your dashboard click the course name (“Demo Course” if first-time user).  From the drop down menu click “Create Course”.



Enter a course name and set the start and end dates for your course. The course will default to Student Pay. If your organization wants to pay for student access, you will need to call (801)717-3499 to set up a site license agreement. Finally, click the red "Create Course" button to finish the process.



Recording time

Each instructor account comes with 30 free minutes of recording time provided for testing purposes to familiarize yourself with GoReact. Time will be deducted whenever a video is uploaded or recorded by the instructor if no paid presenter is attached to it. Deleting these videos from the dashboard will not restore time to your account.

Uploading/recording videos to your Library, or adding them as a Stimulus video or as a video comment will not deduct from your recording time. 


Payment options

Organization Pay

If your organization will be paying for your students, please contact our sales team at 801-717-3499 to set up department licensing or to purchase volume access codes.


Students/participants pay a nominal fee for their GoReact use in your course.

How it works: When a student logs into GoReact and selects a course that requires payment, they will be prompted to enter their credit card information or access code. Access codes may be purchased through the school bookstore separately or may be bundled with a textbook.

Pre-paid seats option: If you would like to pre-pay the student seats for this course, please contact our sales team at 801-717-3499 or at to arrange payment for the number of student seats you require.


Can I copy activities from a previous course?

Definitely! When setting up your course, you'll see a "Copy Activities from . . ." selection at the bottom of course creation window. Choose the course you wish to copy from, and ALL of the activities from that course will be copied into your new course, with all of their settings. That'll save a bunch of time, right?

If you had previously set due dates for any of the copied activities, GoReact will take its best guess at new dates based on your new course dates. But, we'll show you the activities in the Activity Manager window where you can adjust those dates and make other finalizations to your new Activity list for the course.



How do I set up courses for other instructors?

If other instructors want to use GoReact for THEIR OWN courses, they should sign up for their own GoReact account. They can share their account/courses with you as needed using the "Invite Users" button.

If you need to add additional instructors to YOUR courses (such as a co-instructor or teaching assistant), simply invite those users in the options menu and give them an Instructor or Reviewer role.

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