Which cameras work with GoReact?

As long as the camera is recognized as a hardware device on your computer, your browser should be able to access it, and therefore GoReact.  While any decent quality camera will work, the better the camera quality, the better the results you'll get. This is especially true in a classroom or conference room where lighting may be a challenge and low-light conditions are common. Higher quality cameras perform better in low-light settings than their lower quality counterparts. For self-record assignments, laptop webcams and mobile devices are usually fine.

  • Recording directly to GoReact requires a computer and webcam that your browser can access.
  • Offline recording is also available—you may record your video with any camera/device and upload your video file afterward.


Most cameras that have an available driver for your operating system will work with GoReact.  If you're using a Mac, be sure to check the compatibility first as not all retail webcams are Mac-compatible.


For offline recordings that you upload later, camcorders are a great option.


We recommend you record in Standard Definition (480p or 360p) so that you don't create an unnecessarily large file. This will save you a lot of time during uploading and will minimize any problems due to slow/poor internet connection. See our Video recording checklist for additional tips.

Mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets can be great recorders, but will not record a live stream. For Android and iOS devices, try our free GoReact Recorder app. Alternatively, after ensuring your mobile OS and browser are fully up to date, you can record using your device's video recorder and then upload your file from the GoReact dashboard in your mobile browser. (Record directly through a mobile browser is not officially supported.)

Classroom/IP cameras

While we don't officially support IP cameras, you may be able to get yours to work with GoReact if the camera manufacturer provides a driver that can be installed on a local computer. As long as the camera is recognized as a hardware device on your computer, your browser should be able to access it. Your IT team can investigate if such an option is available to you.


If you are having difficulty accessing your camera in GoReact, please see the Troubleshooting: camera guide.

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