How do I record a video in GoReact?

Watch a short video:  

 video-camera-small.png   Recording a Video in GoReact


Review more in-depth information on recording a video in GoReact: 

Before you record
Recording with a mobile device (phone, camera, etc.)
Recording with a webcam


Before you record your video

Quality video recording requires attention to a few things to make sure you have a good recording environment both visually and technically. Before getting started, run through our Video recording checklist to make sure your setup is good. 


Recording with a mobile device (phone, camera, etc.)

Mobile device without the app:

To record outside of GoReact on any device with a camera and then upload the video for review, please see our guide Uploading a video.

iOS device with the app:

On iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), you can use the GoReact Recorder app for faster recording and posting to GoReact. NOTE: The GoReact Recorder App will not work inside an LMS.

Stimulus Video Response Note:

Mobile devices do not have the hardware to stream two video feeds simultaneously so if the activity is a Stimulus Video Response type, you will not be able to record on a mobile device. 

Peer review note: 

Please note that LIVE peer review is only available with a LIVE recording. If you are recording with a mobile device, peer comments may only be entered after the recording is completed and posted.


Recording with a webcam

 Note the following requirements for webcam recording:

  • Requires a connected webcam on Windows or Mac
  • Requires latest version of Adobe Flash
  • Requires that Adobe Flash be granted access to your webcam

1. Click “Add Video” on your GoReact dashboard. 

First, select an Activity from the Activity List on the left hand side of the screen. After clicking the red "Add Video" button in the middle of your dashboard, you will be able to add a title and add or remove presenters as needed.


Click the "Record” button to begin your recording session. If you have already recorded your video, click "Upload" or see How to Upload a video to GoReact.

2. Verify your recording setup. 

You’ll see a preview of your webcam’s current view. (If the preview is a black screen, make sure your webcam is connected and that Adobe Flash has been allowed access to the camera.) If you can see yourself and your audio is working, go ahead and press "Continue".


We highly recommend recording using a wired internet connection, though if you have reasonably solid Wi-Fi that will usually work as well. We also strongly encourage doing a 5-10 second test video first to make sure you're comfortable with the quality. (Make sure you don't attempt a test video on an actual Test activity!)

For additional help on setting up your webcam and your recording environment, please see the Video recording checklist for proper device setup and tips on creating a good video environment—lighting, positioning, audio, etc.

4. Click “Begin” to start recording. 

Click the "Begin" button on the upper right to start recording. The red light will flash while recording. To stop or pause, click "Stop," then "Resume," if needed (if you click "Stop" on a test activity, your video will automatically post). When finished, click "Post" and the video will be automatically posted (only for Live Review recordings). For Self-Submit recordings you will see tools for trimming, posting, or discarding your video. (For activities with source media, the trim function is disabled to keep the source and recorded videos in sync.)


5. Click “Trim” to edit the beginning or ending of your video. 

There may be times where you wish to trim your video—maybe the few seconds where you reach for the mouse to start or stop the recording, for example. To do so, click the scissors icon to enter Trim Mode. Then click and drag the handles at either end of the trim bar or click the up and down arrows to adjust by time. When finished, click "Trim and Post" at the top of the video window.

To cancel your trim, click the scissors button again to exit Trim Mode.

6. Post or discard your video 

Once you have previewed and/or trimmed your video, you can post it so that it will show up on your dashboard or you can discard it if you'd rather start again. Discarded videos will not show up on the dashboard, but will be in your Deleted tab and can be restored if you wish. You're done!  


Having trouble? See our Troubleshooting - video recording page for help!