Transferring user registration


How do I move a student's registration to a different course?

Occasionally a student presenter will register for the incorrect course/section in your account or may need to be moved to a different one. If this occurs, you can move their registration (including their payment) to the correct section easily by following these steps:

  1. Click the dropdown menu at the top left corner of the dashboard.  
  2. Click the ellipses next to the course where the student is currently registered and select Manage Users.
  3. Next to the student's name, click the "Edit"  button to open the student's profile window.
  4. Click the "Move To . . ." button next to their permission setting.


  5. In the Change Course Registration window, choose the course you wish to move the student into and click Move Registration


Note: If the student has more than one video posted in the initial course or if it has been more than 45 days since the course started, you will need to contact GoReact Support to move the registration.


6. If the student had videos, they will be transfered with them but the student will need to assign them to the correct activity in the new course. To do this they will open their course selector in the upper left hand corner and click the Unassigned Videos icon. 


7. A pop up displaying their unassigned videos will open. To assign their videos they will click the ellipses on the right of each video and select Edit. Then they will use the drop down next to Activity: to choose the activity the selected video should be in and click Save. 



How do I remove an unwanted user from my course?

If you have an unwanted user in your course or folder, instructors and admins can remove them by selecting the course dropdown menu at the top left corner of the dashboard and clicking the ellipses button next to the course/folder name.  Select Manage Users, then click the red X next to the user's name on the list.

If you wish to disable a group invitation after it's been sent (perhaps you want to change the roles you have assigned), you can do so as well. From the "Invite Users" box for that course or folder, click the "Generate New Join Link"  button. This will immediately deactivate the link you previously distributed and generate a new registration link, which you can now distribute.

Note: You will need to provide this new link to anyone who was previously invited to your course but has not yet registered. Or, if you are re-assigning user roles, you will need to remove those users as indicated above and provide them with the new invitation.