Adding attachments to your video

Sometimes you might need additional supporting materials for your video submission. Did you know you can add almost any type of file as an attachment to your videos?

(Note: They must be locally saved, non-executable files—you can't submit Google Docs or other cloud-based files.)


Adding attachments to your video: 

While in a recording session

To add an attachment to a video that you are about to record, click the paperclip icon at the top left as soon as you enter the recording screen. 


Select "Add Attachment" to upload your resource(s).  You'll generally want to do this before you start your recording as some activity types will automatically post your video when you're done, causing you to leave this screen.

After your video has been posted

To add additional files to a video that has already been posted, select your video on the dashboard and click the ellipses button to the right.  Then select "Edit" and click the "Add Attachment" button under Presenter Attachments.