Using Stimulus Media

What is a Stimulus Media Activity?
System requirements for the Stimulus Media feature
How do you set up Stimulus Media?
How do you play/critique a Stimulus Media Response?


What is a Stimulus Media Activity?

The stimulus media activity types (Stimulus and Comment Only) allow the instructor to provide a stimulus/source media for an Activity to which the student presenters respond, with video and/or written feedback. This is particularly useful in interpreting or interviewing activities, or for reinforcing skills that you might be working on in class.


System requirements for the Stimulus Media feature

The Stimulus Media feature requires your browser to process two video windows simultaneouslythe stimulus video and the student-recorded video. While this is easily accomplished by current generation computers, older ones may struggle to render both the stimulus playback and the recording smoothly, at the same time. The primary constraints are video processing, system memory, and CPU horsepower. In general, having a dedicated video card and relatively recent processor will provide the best results. (Note that Chromebooks and similar type devices may not work well with GoReact.  For more information on Chromebook support, see our FAQ under computer requirements.) 

If your computer is older (or is newer but has very low-end video processing) and is struggling to keep up with both video windows simultaneously, some options are:

  • Restart the computer to free up the highest amount of resources possible
  • Arrange to use a newer machine for your Stimulus Media activities in GoReact

Note:  The simultaneous play/record functionality for Stimulus Media is not currently supported on mobile devices.


How do you Set up Stimulus Media?

First, create an New Activity and select one of the "Stimulus" Activity Types (Stimulus or Comment Only). On the settings screen you'll see a red Stimulus/Prompt Media box. Click the "+Media" button to record a new video or upload an existing one, add a YouTube link, add an audio file, or choose a file that is already in your Library. With the Stimulus activity type, you can select "Student Selected Stimulus/Prompt" to have the students provide their own stimulus video. (Note: If your recording screen is black you may need to enable Adobe Flash in your browser. Please see our guide on Adobe Flash.)



  • Record: If you wish to record a new video as your source media, click the "Record" button.
  • Upload: If you will be using an existing file as your source media, click "Upload."
  • YouTube: If you will be using a link to a video on YouTube as your source media, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
    1. Grabbing the Share link or the URL to the YouTube video will work—use the full URL.
    2. Linked videos must be publicly accessible. GoReact cannot display videos that require a password, are marked private, or have other security protections.
    3. YouTube videos must have Embedding enabled.
  • Audio: Click the "Audio" button if you wish to record voice only for your source media.
  • Library: If you're setting up an Activity with a Source Media that you've previously uploaded or linked, click the "Library" button. Choose the existing media item and it will be assigned to the new Activity. (Once you add Source media to your account, they will remain available for you to use and reuse through your Library at any time.)
  • Student Selected Stimulus: When creating a Stimulus-Video Response activity you can check "Student Selected Stimulus" if you want students to provide their own stimulus video.
  • If you would like to see how students respond to these activity types please see Posting to a Stimulus Activity Type.


How do you view/critique a Stimulus Media response?

Giving feedback to a Stimulus Media response from a student is just like giving feedback on any other video session. Click the yellow "Critique" button on the video from your Dashboard, and the video session will load. You can add comments and give other feedback the same way you do with any other video.

You'll see the Stimulus Media shown next to the student recording. These videos can be resized or repositioned any way you like by clicking by dragging the bar between the two videos or the bar between the video and feedback panels. As you play back the video session, the Stimulus Media will play/pause at the appropriate points where it was played/paused during the student's recording.


Are you hearing an echo or double audio? If the student recorded without headphones and you are hearing double audio, you may click the "Mute" button in the lower left corner of the Stimulus Media to silence the stimulus and just listen to the video response.