Reviewing feedback


How do I review feedback on my video?

To review feedback on your video, play your video by clicking on the thumbnail. You'll see comments posted on this video in the feedback panel on the right-hand side.




You can see the time the comment was made AND, during playback, the comment will pop up on the bottom of the video. If you want to review a specific comment, click on the comment on the right and the video will begin playing 10 seconds before the comment was made. If you want to reply to a comment that was made on your video, you can hover over the comment and press the Reply button 

If you see a colored square with a letter in it,  this is a Marker. Markers are created by instructors for fast feedback. They are a set of labels for quickly marking up a video in GoReact alongside your comments. Markers are time-coded into the video within the comment stream. 


How do I review the instructor's rubric?

If an instructor has posted a rubric to the activity and you want to view it, you will need to click the "Evaluation" tab on the top of the feedback panel. Only you and your instructor can see this evaluation.