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What is a GoReact Library
Managing your Library items
Shared Library items


What is the GoReact Library?

The Library is your one-stop location for managing all of your submitted source media, Rubrics, and Marker sets.


Managing your Library items

Adding and sharing Library content is now easier than ever in GoReact. To open your Library, select a Course or Activity and click the "Library" icon (three books) in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

In the Library window, you'll see the different types of library items on the left and an expanded view of each item in the main portion of the window. Sharing, editing, previewing, and deleting items is done from this view as well. Simply select the item and click the appropriate button or media.

You can also search for a library item by title, description, or owner from the search bar and can sort them alphabetically and by category. (Categories are selected from a list of course types.)



Sharing Library items

You can share your library items with others in your organization by selecting the item and clicking the Share  button. This will prompt you to enter a description and you may select an existing category or add a new one. Click "Save" when you are finished and other instructors in your organization will now see a copy of your library item in their own libraries. Library items that have been shared can be found on the organization tab. Click your organization's name next to "Mine" at the top of the window to see those items.


If you would like to make a copy of any shared Library item and then make your own changes, select the item from the organization tab and click the Add to Library button. This will create a copy in your own Library and allow you to modify anything you'd like without affecting the original item.

If you would like to unshare an item you have previously shared, click the Share icon and uncheck your organization in the list, then click "Save."