Purchasing a Self Paid License

Need an invoice, or receipt?

  • At any time, click "Request Invoice" on the bottom right of your License Management panel, and you'll be directed to a form that will provide you an invoice. Thank you!

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Purchasing a license

Please follow these steps to purchase a license:

  1. Directly after creating an account, you'll be given the option to choose your plan.  If you already have an account, then you will need to navigate to "License Management" at the bottom left of the dashboard.

    Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 10.23.37 AM.png

  2. When that page loads, click the "Purchase License" button on the bottom right.


  3. After selecting that, you will be taken to a window where you can fill out the license information, and payment information.  After filling out your card number and billing info, click "Continue" to confirm your information and submit.


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